Gudenov Marimbas

Gudenov Marimbas are constructed using precision adequacy in woodworking techniques. As long as you don't look too closely at them, you will see a handmade instrument that does a fairly good job of standing upright under it's own weight. The musical tones of the wooden keys varies from the mellow mediocrity of meranti mahogany to the powerful pluckiness of padauk - both wood choices tuned to within inches of their lives. All ranges of the African style marimba family are represented in the Gudenov line, including soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, and the requisite bratty minis of the petting zoo.

Can you find a better quality marimba for your musical delights? Heavens, yes. I mean, just look at ANY other marimba. But the purchase of a Gudenov Marimba will present you with an extremely affordable price for an extremely average instrument that will surprise and delight you with its actual playability. Really, Gudenov Marimbas are mostly ok.

Gudenov Marimbas have made their way into three of the six New England states without a major recall, and are the preferred performance instruments of such notable bands as Pacific Marimba and Patti and the Pop Tarts.

How to build a Gudenov Marimba that is mostly ok

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